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Orphanage Reviews for : Idayam Social Welfare Mission

Reviews of orphanage.

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List of reviews for Orphanage : Idayam Social Welfare Mission

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2006-12-17 00:21:01 10 William Worth Middle East Iam very happy to know and also to read about this wonderful link.Iam so much happy to read about their community services to the society without any expectation.In future if God willing Iam eager to help them for their charity works.At this time I would like to recollect the verse that "one shall see God in the smile of a less privileged one".
2 2007-02-20 11:59:19 1 Yvonne Payne Ireland Having visited this orphanage, i witnessed harsh physical abuse, under nuroish children with dirty clothes with cuts and scars no one cared about. Recently the adminstrator is being investigated for alleged financial mishandling of the funds handed by their main sponcers New dawn of Ireland and also he has sent away children who weren't in the position to pay fee of 1500/Rs which he never told his main sponcers about. The children are brain washed to sell their belongings to buy food, yet the adminstrator is not willing to show his accounts to their main sponcers. Moast of all the children in this orphanage are very unhappy and very often they are prevented from going to school to do cleaning and cooking around the orphanage.
3 2012-09-22 06:30:45 10 Antony Middle East So very heart breaking to view such reviews. People donate their hard earned money and many times they dont really reach the destitute and really needy ones. God!! Where are we going??
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