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Orphanage Reviews for : Aarti Home

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List of reviews for Orphanage : Aarti Home

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2009-06-01 02:51:24 10 Khush Jabble India - AP - Kadapa We first heard about The Aarti Home in October 2007, when it was featured in a BBC Television Documentary entitled “India’s Missing Girls”. Since that time, what we learned from this program has always been in our minds. This year, 2009, was my wife’s 40th Birthday and she wanted something meaningful to do rather than an expensive luxury holiday – so she decided that we should get in touch with Aarti Home and volunteer our services to them! We didn’t want to go through a Volunteering Agency because of the ethics and the costs involved – where little (if any) of the Volunteer Fees go to the Orphanage! Our trip was arranged for February 2009 where we spent 3 weeks living with, eating with, working with and sleeping next to 86 of the most amazing children we have ever met! Not once were we asked for money for food or accommodation – in fact all that was asked of us was our time and our love. To say it was the most incredible experience of our lives would be an understatement – these children, who have nothing and come from the worst backgrounds imaginable are so happy, so giving, so respectful and so intelligent – it defies belief! We are VERY sceptical about these types of organisations and projects, as you never really know if they are genuine or if all the money that is raised actually goes to helping the children – but in our experience and through our interactions with all the people involved in Aarti Home we can honestly say that it is probably the most genuine organisation we have ever dealt with! Aarti Home has had such an impact upon us that we are now heading up the UK effort to seek donations, sponsorship and volunteers for Aarti Home. We have created a website and we have also decided that in 2011 we will be moving to Kadapa so that we can dedicate our time and efforts to the welfare, health & education of these wonderful children.
2 2012-02-24 05:40:09 10 jeyanthi India/Tamilnadu/Srivilliputtur all of good.
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