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Orphanage Reviews for : ATMA NIRBHAR - EK CHALLENGE

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List of reviews for Orphanage : ATMA NIRBHAR - EK CHALLENGE

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2012-05-15 06:43:04 10 Badara DjiUDFOvMyVLkJfOnUC Gladys! I am in California as I write but will be there just as you leave! No worries tgouhh as the Sisters and staff will be happy to help you. If you came after 1pm most of the children would just be coming home from school on any weekday that you are there. If you just let the Sisters know as soon as you arrive that you would like to help with some work, there is always something going on and I am sure that they would be happy to have you join in. Nothing is required to bring as gifts but if you would like to bring something, shampoos, soaps and toiletries for the girls is alway appreciated.Thank you so much for caring Gladys!
2 2013-08-17 22:35:49 1 Josiane PRnPq2QemLN Hi there, my family of myslef, my husband Wade, my two children Ruby (5yrs) and Matilda (7 yrs) & my parents Janine & Dave are here until Tuesday morning. We have just spoken with our driver and he is available to take us to visit the children and bring some little things my girls have bought for the younger kiddies tomorrow morning is this ok? We are in Pettitinget and would like to leave here at 10am so we be there 10.30-11.00am maybe? How many little ones will be there tomorrow that are not in school? We have little packages of stationery, books and stickers etc and we have made up 12 but they really only ok for 3yrs to 8yrs old .is this ok? Or do you just want it all in one bulk parcel instead and you can give to children accordingly .we can easily undo the packages and put altogether? Cant wait to meet you all and see the amazing work you do. With love, Sam.
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