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Orphanage Reviews for : Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

Reviews of orphanage.

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List of reviews for Orphanage : Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2012-11-24 23:39:43 10 Rober CFKacsEsvIEwqiOly Hello,My name is Julie Paige. I will be visiting Bali in July and would love to come visit the clridhen. I am the owner and teacher of a performing arts studio for clridhen and teenagers in the United States. I would love to come teach a class with the clridhen. I can teach them DANCE (ballet or jazz or hip-hop) or Broadway MUSICAL THEATRE (singing and dancing together). Please let me know if this would be possible and how to set up a specific date & time. I would need to know the ages of the clridhen (or which age group you might like me to work with) and what you would like me to teach. And do the clridhen speak any English? I would also like to bring or mail any items that you might be in need of. I'm sure my students could donate a lot of clothing if needed. I would need to know the sizes or ages of the clridhen. If clothing is not needed right now, please let me know what might be needed the most and how many clridhen you currently have. Thank you kindly,Julie Paige
2 2012-11-26 05:22:29 10 Tina yJfChwkGG That\'s rlealy thinking of the highest order
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