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Orphanage Reviews for : Community Outreach Programme

Reviews of orphanage.

This is the list of reviews available on this site for various orphanages registerd with iON. If you find an orphanage which is not listed here, and if you would like to add a review to that, please send an email to

List of reviews for Orphanage : Community Outreach Programme

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2012-05-15 05:44:06 10 Leidy dzYUukGZaiYyqlYtv Tanya,We are so proud of how you overcome your hahpdriss and let God use them for his good. You are a great inspiration to other teens. Many of us adults think that kids are just playing games on their computers or other things, but wow you are doing great things. You inspire Adults and kids to go past their troubles and give and try to help others. Operation Christmas Child is a great way to send a simple shoe box, but make a great impact and difference in a child's life. The box came full circle. I will pray for you and keep God next to you and lean on him.
2 2012-09-11 14:17:42 10 Yusuff kwUBvJKgPIP I recently read an arcitle suggesting that donations made to majority of Bali's orphanages line the pockets of the owners/directors. Also that all gifts are to be handed to the workers with the intent to pass on to the kids but are resold to make money for the staff. It is alleged that workers target poor families & offer to take their children to the orphanage with promises of food & education to only underfeed them & place them in construction work etc. The government provides orphanages in Bali 1 million rupiah per child per year in their care but this money isnt misused.I would like to visit a Bali orphanage but am now conflicted as to what show' I will find. Will my donations be used in the right way or am I better off going to a village & providing them with bags of rice/food etc for their families.
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