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Orphanage Reviews for : AAMRAE

Reviews of orphanage.

This is the list of reviews available on this site for various orphanages registerd with iON. If you find an orphanage which is not listed here, and if you would like to add a review to that, please send an email to

List of reviews for Orphanage : AAMRAE

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2013-08-17 14:59:57 4 Vasavi 5l0V61ll Thicket, thanks so much for hnielpg! I can't post the details of the orphanage for privacy reasons but I can send it to anyone who would like to give! I am contacting them tonight to ask them which is the best address to send things to.Re the job. Here we get 5-7 weeks of vacation a year, when I began my job I was asked when my holidays were, it was no problem at all. In fact my colleague who began at the same time as me has already had 2 holidays. My job has nothing to do with my volunteering
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