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Orphanage Reviews for : Arunodaya Poirada

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List of reviews for Orphanage : Arunodaya Poirada

S.No Date Rating Reviewed by Reviewed from Reviewed comments
1 2012-06-27 00:06:38 10 Meobro WHPqqJPSihwUVxILPJ Hello!I hope this message finds you well! Next year in January, my Mother, Aunty, Sister and I are cmnoig to Bali for 2-3 weeks and we would love to volunteer at the orphanage, and just spend time with the children if that is okay? My Aunty and I have both worked with small children for many years, I am studying to be a Teacher, my Sister is a Hairdresser and my Mum manages a large supermarket here in Australia. We want to give our time and help out during our time in Bali, as we have genuine, heartfelt compassion for others and believe it is the least we could do whilst visiting your beautiful country. Looking forward to hearing back from you and very excited about visiting you all and the children.Warmest regards and best wishes,Bec Saville
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